Why is Nestle bad?

There are a whole list of reasons why it’s terrible to buy Nestle products.  One of them is that they bottled water in drought-parched California. Neatle appears to not care about anyone or anything other than making money. Is this true? Maybe it is, because they still continue to bottle calafornia water as it’s cheaper. They […]

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Trump Sued

Five ative-duty transgender military personnel are suing President Donald Trump over his proposal to ban transgender individuals from military service, two weeks after he announced the move on Twitter.  Plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed Wednesday include three Army soldiers, one Air Force airman and a Coast Guard member, have all come out to their commanding officers, Reuters reports. […]

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ChildLine App

ChildLine have made an app called “For Me”. Its for anyone aged 19 or under to download. Unfortunately, it’s only available on certain devices, mainly iPhones i think. It’s an app for teens and kids to be able to contact ChildLine without having to call them or visit the website (https://www.childline.org.uk/).  The app was created […]

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